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Gridlock in Aghios Nikolaos

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Thursday night, our last night. We decided to drive into Aghios Nikolaos. Now there's a couple of things you need to know about this place. It sits on a bit of a promentory and is therefore surrounded by the sea on three sides. It is impossibly always busy with pedestrianised streets and a one way traffic system that can rival kendal for the title of most confusing. It has an inland lake, it's really a bit of a sea inlet around which bars and restaurants have congregated to make it all in all a very pleasant place to sit, eat, drink and generally watch the world pass by. There is also a port and the more observant amongst you will recall we caught a boat trip here to spinalonga island. Well the plan was to drive in, park as near as we could and spend a couple of hours in a suitable establishment around the inland lake. The lights from the main road to the turning for the town seemed to be in our favour, traffic was moving and we were heading in the right direction. Amazingly we drove straight into town, straight to the harbour and straight into a car park with spaces close to where the boats were, 3 euros, thank you very much. What a doddle, the peugeot 107 automatic in pillar box red had behaved itself with no erratic gear choices, all in all mission accomplished. Now lets stroll to that lake for a well earned cafe frappacino with ice cream on the rocks and settle down for some people watching. Well, we strolled, and strolled some more but could we find the lake. We were near the boats so it must be around here somewhere. Up here said Jo, around this corner said I but no sign of the lovely inland lake with the restaurants and bars. Then we spotted a map with a you are here arrow on it. Sure enough there we were next to the boats. It was at this point we made the startling revelation that aghios nicoliaos, as well as being spelt several incorrect ways, has a harbour and a marina, both with boats but only one of them is next to an inland lake, sadly not the one we were next to parked in the marina car park. We got our bearings from the 'you are here map' jumped in the peugeot 107 automatic in pillar box red and travelled all of one street, it looked further on the 'you are here map' and there we could see the inland lake. Could we find a parking space? There were cars everywhere, every inch of kerb side parking was taken and we seemed to be getting further and further away from the inland lake with nice restaurants and bars. Finally I spotted a fiat seicento manual in cobalt blue about to move off. I stopped all the traffic behind me and signalled and waited for the driver of the vehicle to put something in the boot, open the drivers door, go back to the boot, open it and get something out, go back to the drivers door which had now shut again by itself. The queue behind me grew but we stood firm and resolute, avoiding any kind of eye contact with the drivers of the vehicles behind us. The seicento driver got in but didn't close the door. She leant across the passenger seat, I imagined to do something with the glove box. She sat upright in her seat. She closed her door. Still we waited. The peugeot 107 automatic in pillar box red demonstrated its frustration by setting a noisy fan in motion under the bonnet, we were all overheating. She looked in her rear view mirror and smoothed a couple of annoying stray hairs on the side of her head. How could she possibly contemplate driving off in a fiat seicento manual in cobalt blue with two hairs out of place! The queue by now was as far back in my rear view mirror as I could see. For a moment there was no movement from inside her car. Both driver and car were motionless. Then a faint shudder of the vehicle and brake lights appeared. Hurray! She knows how to stop it, let's see if she knows how to make it move. A reversing light, a good sign. It reversed, signalled, she again checked the rear view mirror and to her astonishment there was a nice peugeot 107 automatic in pillar box red waiting to let her out. That was the last we saw of the fiat seicento manual in cobalt blue. I didn't attempt any fancy parallel parking manoeuvre, I drove in as quickly as possible. It wasn't prettily parked and amazingly, as the queue of traffic drove past, they couldn't see anyone in the red peugeot 107 automatic in pillar box red as both driver and passenger were about as low as they could possibly get in their respective seats. Once all cars had passed we readjusted our kirb side position, locked up and went for that well earned drink, sat in a comfy chair, in a very pleasant bar by the inland lake and we watched the world and his dog go about their business.

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