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Pizza'd and Pasta'd

and a CD to boot!

sunny 31 °C

Well Jo's birthday night was as good as her day. The olive restaurant had a very comfortable contemporary feel to it and the food they served us was excellent. Greek and Italian salads, Ravioli, Penne Arabiata (my favourite), Vongole pasta (clams) a pizza we shared and a pizza I didn't share. Wine and beer and a selection of cakey things. All in all we gave the "all you could eat pizza n pasta night' a reasonable run for our money. I wonder if they do any other all you can eat nights? The music was particularly interesting cos they were all well known songs including hits by people like madonna, lady ga ga, coldplay etc all sung by the same female voice but in a samba/bossa nova style. It added a whole new dimension to guess the intro - don't worry work colleagues, Falko, (I'm sure he sang 'rock me amadeus') our very attentive European waiter, is burning me a CD at this very moment, I know it's good of mick to arrange to do that just for us, I hear you say, we can't wait until mick's back, I hear you add.

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Happy Birthday

no it's not a special one

sunny 30 °C


Sunday 17th June and it's Jo's birthday. We did birthday and father's day with Emma just before we set off on holiday but I'd smuggled a card, not very well, and presented that when we awoke. We returned to the room after breakfast to find a birthday cake waiting courtesy of Simon who'd spilled the beans to the hotel. At about 1:20pm we got a call from the spa asking why Mrs Turner hadn't turned up for her treatment at 1:00pm also organised by Simon as a surprise. I'd read his message wrong and hadn't noticed a specified time, I was just waiting for the spa to ring Jo - ooops!

Anyway Jo went along and said it was wonderful and an ideal way to spend a birthday.

We're dining at the olive restaurant in the hotel this evening, apparently it's an all you can eat pizza and pasta night. Well, that's a plate of pasta and a piece of pizza each knowing how much we eat!


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Market Day

Hot n sticky

sunny 31 °C

Saturday is market day in Bang Niang so we boarded the hotel shuttle bus and set off. A market is a market anywhere, fruit n veg, meat, fish, t-shirts, underwear, cheap batteries and some big brand stuff at unbelieveable prices including, prada, tiffany, rado watches, chanel etc. For only 100 bahts! (£2 in real money).

The area is quite well known for spectacular storms but nothing compared to the whirlwind that lay siege to my wallet as Jo moved stealthily from stall to stall, utilising her newly acquired weapon phrase "is that your best price?" Then hitting the stall holder with an uppercut of a much lower offer which was obviously declined, only to be countered with the feigning to walk away tactic, "ok, ok you can have" - poor man didn't stand a chance against a red head from Yorkshire!

Pretty soon the bag was full, my wallet nearly empty and we turned our attention to food. Mick paid 20p for a barbecued chicken satay stick but got mixed up with some coins he had been given and tried to give the poor bloke about 4p. Mick would also try these brightly coloured, tiny, imitation fruit jellies with mashed up coconut inside. He ate one, said it was nice and he'd keep the rest for later. Looked in the room bin Sunday morning, sure enough there they were.

Jo spotted a guy with a little mobile stall selling pancakes, if she has one weakness it's pancakes. Stall holder could have asked what ever price he liked there would be no arguments from Jo where pancakes are concerned. A pancake with lemon and sugar was produced and devoured in a flash.

The sights and smells of the market were fantastic and the camera memory card took a hammering. We then leapt in a local taxi and asked to go into khao lak itself a few miles along the main road. "you want khao lak city?" City was stretching it a bit!! About a mile of dual carriageway, fringed on both sides with bars, souvenir shops and tailors - "you want very nice suit, look good?" A look round and a beer and back in a taxi to the hotel. On the roads there are cars, taxis, mini-buses, coaches, mopeds, mopeds with side cars, scooters, all pretty much in whatever lane they like. At one point we were being both overtaken and undertaken, three abreast! Jo says we're not hiring bicycles now.

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Wildlife spotting

Careful what you google

sunny 31 °C

There are plenty of little lizards/gecko's about the resort. Mozzies have so far been kind to us - none in the room amazingly. Swimming around the resort the other evening we saw something slide out of the pool, over the side and disappear into the bushes about 3 metres in front of us, Head to tail about 30 ins, approx 4/5 ins thick/girth in the middle. I've christened it Iguanadon. Myna birds are everywhere and magpie robins. We know this because Jo would google them. She was going to search on Thai birds but thought better of it. Could've brought up all sorts (including my search history! joking of course ;-) )

We'll be raising a cocktail glass to Mike and Lesley later. They are getting married in the Lake District today. Hope Mike & Lesley and all my work colleagues attending have a fantastic and enjoyable day. Our very best wishes and good luck for a long and happy future together, cheers

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ooh me aching back

This'd sort Jackie out

sunny 31 °C

Another great start to the day with another cracking breakfast, followed by a walk along the beach and a swim. Being a bit careful about the sun today, Simon and Emma are only too familiar with dad's 'lobster man' impressions from previous family holidays. Stopped at a beach front shack offering Thai Massage. Jo would have a foot massage, I needed my back and neck sorting after the amount of breast stroke (easy tiger) I've been doing lately! Two dainty little Thai ladies set about us. Well they weren't dainty for long. Before we knew it there were elbows in buttocks, knees in backs, armlocks and headlocks and that was Jo's foot massage! It was deep and intense, the sound of the insects and the waves crashing against the shore. I was losing myself in the moment just when my dainty Thai lady climbed off my back, turned me over and reeled backwards with a slight shriek and a look of shock on her face as she stared at my shorts. Well you can only imagine my embarrassment as I fumbled in my front shorts pocket to extracate my wallet that had, in the process of turning over, somehow wedged itself in one corner and was now stuck and pointing to the ceiling. Our massages lasted an hour and we both agreed it was £14 well spent. The spa on site charges 3500Bahts for 90 minutes for 1 person, that's £70 to you or I and their crickets and wave sounds are on a CD player!

Seriously Jackie, if you want your neck sorting, you know what you've got to do............

Pay me 3500 bahts and I'll try out these new techniques I've learnt, I'll even bring my own cd!!

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