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The Thailand and Singapore Grand Prix

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Check out at The Marriott was the simplest thing ever. Stored our cases while we spent every last minute we could by the pool. We showered and changed in the late checkout lounge which we had all to ourselves and no sooner had we sat down at reception and our transfer to the airport was ready. Our cases were loaded and we were driven at breakneck speed ( no exageration ) by the Thai equivalent of lewis Hamilton i.e. Very fast but with reckless tendencies, especially when overtaking. We got there, in good time (hardly surprising) and just about in one piece, and spent some last bahts before boarding our Silk Air flight to Singapore. Chicken dinner was delicious, we landed, cleared customs and leapt in a taxi bound for our hotel. This time we got the Singapore equivalent of michael schumaker i.e. Some old fella who thought he was still as fast and good a driver as he used to be! Arrived, checked in, went straight out along the the quay for a drink. Pausing only for photograph of bridge like the one in Newcastle.

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assaulted for 300 bahts

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My shoulders were a bit tight from all this swimming. Go and get yourself another relaxing massage from a dainty Thai girl, Jo said. Unfortunately the place I went to last time was closed so I wandered back along the beach and found a promising busy alternative. There were already three tiny Japanese girls being gently stroked with aromatic oils by three equally tiny Thai ladies. There was just one more space so up I stepped and was introduced to my very big, built like the proverbial brick privvy, masseur with hands like shovels.

I thought my previous tiny Thai lady had exerted great strength and had massaged quite deeply for one so slight. O M G we started with the Thai version of a klingon death grip, never mind thinking I was going to be pushed throught the mattress, I had visions of me ending up face down in the sand under the shack having been pushed through the floor. Her two hands just about covered the total surface area of my back. I knew I was tight in a couple of places but she found knots in there I didn't know existed and she got to work on them. You still ok she said. I mumbled that I was still breathing although I was finding it difficult face down in a pillow with the weight on my back forcing the air out of my lungs faster than I could suck it back in. There were forearm smashes, elbows with huge pressure behind them and still these knots wouldn't give way. Please give way soon, I thought. "You still ok?" This time I couldn't speak and hoped the universal sign of a thumbs up meant the same in Thailand. It doesn't. It obviously means exert even more pressure and associated agony please.

For the grand finale of this beating I was flicked effortlessly over onto my back, my arms were tied together in some kind of knot, held in some kind of leg lock whilst she rocked gently back and forth three times but on the fourth time an unexpected almighty heave was exerted which nearly seperated my torso from my lower half.

We finished with a relaxing wind down of both her thumbs being forced through my temples until my eyes popped out!

" You come back tomorrow and we'll get those knots out". I paid 300 bahts and ran like hell thankful we were catching the flight to Singapore Thursday morning!

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Kevin? Kevin who?

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The authors of this travel blog would like to disassociate themselves with anyone called Kevin, in particular any work colleagues called Kevin! Witty emails circulated on company time? Surely no Kevin we know! A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On Kevin's desk there is a work station.........

Anyway shouldn't you be in Turkey by now? You have the forum so we'll look forward to reading your blogs from there. Who knows, perhaps some work colleagues may pass comment?

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A quiet night in

Give me some proper food

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I suppose the reason we decided to order room service tonight was that Falko had delivered! Yes, 87 tracks burned to CD and delivered to our room so we had to play it on the dvd player. Well it just set the tone. We ordered room service, dimmed the lights, got the mood just right for................

another thrilling game of guess the intro, well actually guess the whole blinking tune.

I hadn't learnt my lesson from the previous nights stinging lips episode and ordered green Thai curry. Jo finally succumbed to a need for western food and promptly ordered J W MARIOTT burger and chips. Both meals were absolutely delicious and you can forget about that local custom for leaving a bit on your plate to show your satisfied.

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All you can eat Thai night

well we thought it was

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After enjoying the pizza n pasta night we were delighted to see a fixed price Thai night advertised. Sure enough when we got to Ta Krai the hotel's Thai restaurant we were shown a long buffet table of Thai dishes and out on the veranda were three Thai chefs waiting to cook before your very eyes. So we sampled some appetizers, then a bit of everything nearly from the long line of dishes on the hot buffet. We rose from our seats again to have a helping of what the chefs were cooking. Other diners in the restaurant didn't seem quite as adventurous as we did. Anyway back out of our seats again to the end of the buffet to select a few different sweet things. All in all another good effort at the all you can eat buffet. Other diners had come and gone but we were still hanging in there. On leaving the restaurant we glanced again at the specials board advertising the evening just outside the restaurant - no mention of all you can eat!!

Another lesson learnt this evening was to avoid nue kua kling in future. Now I like currys, I like chillies, I like my spicy food and I reckon I can eat fairly hot dishes but this was off the scale. It's the devil's food! It induces sweating from every pore, makes noses run, sets fire to your lips and no amount of Singha beer made any difference whatsoever. It must have been at least 15 minutes before my lips got anything like back to normal. Beware beelzebub's beef!

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