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My backside's numb

traffic favoured us

sunny 18 °C

We set off 6:30am, made a stop at Frankly services for coffee, a stop at exeter services for cake and arrived at 12:30. Not bad going! Very pleased with the crown inn, a 12th century coaching inn in the countryside -picture perfect. Straight to the bar for a pint of betty stoggs, apparently that's one of the most popular draught beers - mmm now I know why, delish! Bite to eat in the sunshine, in the garden then a short drive to Fowey. A typical picturesque cornish fishing village built into the hillside overlooking the estuary. Wander round and a pot of tea then a little further down the coast to the harbour at charlestown to watch kids jumping in the sea from the harbour walls. Bikes out and a short cycle further along the coast to build up an appetite for dinner. Wash n brush up then downstairs at the crown inn for a well earned meal and a few beers. Pretty good for the first day here.20120720_141003.jpg

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It's all in the planning

Me and my big mouth

sunny 16 °C

"I've taken a Friday and a Monday off near our wedding anniversary" Now even I can catch a subtle hint that obvious,, well at least after Jo had mentioned it for the 3rd time! OK I said how about we skip off somewhere for a long weekend? Ooh what a lovely idea, she replied trying to sound slightly surprised, enthused and not at all expecting the idea. I'll book something but I won't tell you where we're going, it'll be a mini surprise. Well Jo has always fancied seeing the Eden Project so I set about planning the trip. Travel down Friday, Saturday and Sunday there, travel back Monday. Nice gastro pub inn booked, tickets for Eden Project and lost gardens of Heligan organised, email confirmations hidden, browsing history deleted, daughter sworn to secrecy, she hasn't got a clue -sorted. We then get a visit from Sue and Robert and as they're leaving Robert remarks, "We're going to the open golf championship weekend after next" quick as flash and without thinking I blurt out "ooh that's the weekend we're going to Cornwall!" So much for the surprise. Still, everyone found it highly amusing, except me, of course. Still can't believe I said it.

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Last Day

let's do even more walking in flip flops

sunny 32 °C

We had nearly a whole day left in Singapore. How would we spend it? Taxi ride to sky park? Sitting drinking on the quay across the road? Relaxing by the hotel pool? Nope. Let's walk round and round, up and down, in flip flops (I only ever wear archless shoes on holiday), the length and breadth of Singapore Botanic Gardens and National Orchid Collection! My favourite bits were the mist house, we got sprayed with cold mist, and the cool house, it was cool and not in a hip or trendy way. We've got enough photographs of flowers and leaves to produce our own illustrated encyclopedia. I had to admit it was quite an impressive place. I did have a bit of an incident in the loos. I had to go. All cubicles except one were taken, I didn't want that one. I wasn't going to be able to wait! The other two had literally just been occupied. Bad timing. I had to go. In I stepped. It was a squatter! How the hell am I gonna manage this with my knee and back? Perhaps I can do it without squatting? Not practical really. Ok squat it is then. Feet in the marked footprints, as if you don't know where to put your feet. Steady Michael, watch your knee. Never mind my knee what about my dangling belt? Just caught it in time. Blast! Forgot about my camera on my left shoulder, just bashed the lens hood on the floor, it's ok though. This is awkward, knee's killing me. I don't do kneeling or crouching anymore. Let's just be as quick as we can and get out of here. Ok can I stand up without the usual hand on the floor to get me started in an upward motion? Breath in, hold it, and exhale on the upward thrust as I try to straighten my legs in one smooth motion to return to the relative safety of the standing position. A good plan but flawed by the fact that one knee is dodgy and the other is therefore much stronger and that side seemed to arrive in the upright position a little quicker causing a slight over balance which I was now trying to correct whilst also trying to grip a loose and unfamiliar flip flop with toes that still haven't got the hang of walking in these blasted things. Standing on one leg now trying to stay in the same place, trying to keep the flip flop on, it's slipping, can't hold it, oh no, it,s gone! Luckily the flip flop landed on just to the right side of the footprint. Unfortunately I discovered the squatter also doubles as a pretty decent foot bath!! Hands and foot washed, I continued on my way.

Back to the hotel. A shower, a civilised snooze, a change of clothing. Late check out and leave luggage at hotel because we've apparently got time for one last visit to a shopping mall, still got some Singapore dollars left. Taxi there, taxi back, pick up cases and off to airport. Next stop Manchester via Munich.

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Me old China

City Lights

sunny 32 °C

After a late afternoon rest we headed out for Chinatown. The sights, the sounds and the smells were exactly what you might expect. Purchases were made at various street sellers establishments and then we found the eating street. A narrow street lined with restaurants, the road closed to vehicles and tables and chairs placed straight down the centre. Talk about lively. We sat, we ate as we watched the world go by. Taxi to the marina next. We'd been there this morning but it had taken on a different persona in the evening. Everything and I mean everything is lit up - skyscrapers, sky parks, Singapore Flyers, bridges, boats, hotels, restaurants - everything. Memory card took another hammering then Jo spotted the river boats and we embarked for the journey up the river and back to our hotel. Phew! What a day. Succumbed in the end and paid for the hotel wi-fi in the room:'(

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Slumming it with a sling

How much?!?

sunny 32 °C

Friday we set out early and headed for the Singapore flyer except - Mick hadn't charged his phone the night before, Mick needed a new memory card for his camera, Mick had forgotten to bring the Samsung tablet with him, Mick had caused the sun to shine too brightly, Mick had caused the temperature to be far too hot etc etc. After visiting two shopping malls en route we learned shops in Singapore don't open until 10:30. Memory card purchased we boarded the Singapore Flyer narrowly missing being trapped for approximately 30 minutes in a glass capsule 125 meters high with a party of 26 Indians who had obviously partaken of their national dish for breakfast. The views of Singapore from the top of the flyer (Singapore equivalent of London Eye) were breathtaking and the newly purchased memory card got an immediate rigorous workout. Lunch at Hawker market was delicious and extremely cheap considering we are in the eighth most expensive place to live. S$9 for the two of us £4.50. As proven by our next stop - the one, the only, Raffles hotel Singapore where there is only one drink you can possibly order but seeing as they didn't have Guiness, we settled for two Singapore slings, what else? What a place! What a drink! What a price! It had to be done but the receipt has been kept to be framed because nobody in the Canal Turn Carnforth is going to believe how much we paid for a Gin with a splash of colour!20120622_140859.jpg

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