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oh no! French Air Traffic Control on Strike. ...... again!

can we avoid French air space?


Well it's on the news. French air traffic control causing chaos again, next it'll be French farmers blockading the ports. It must be holiday time! Apparently 128 easy jet flights have been cancelled and we're setting off on our holiday to Crete flying with, you guessed it, Easy Jet.

Anyway, just packed. All bits of paper have been printed: boarding passes, accommodation vouchers, transfer vouchers, car parking confirmation, holiday insurance "how to make a claim whilst on holiday" etc etc.

Camera batteries charged, chargers packed, tablets charged - yes we are a 2.5 tablet family now (well a kindle fire's not a real tablet, is it?) tablet chargers packed - wouldn't want to run out of charge mid-blog!

The car's fuelled for the trip to the airport.

Got an early Father's day present from Emma just before, a new (looks old) rucksack/camera bag. Excellent! Well now that's packed as well. Camera and lenses, afore mentioned tablet, Ipod and earphones, boiled sweets, sun specs etc etc. That's me sorted out for the journey.

Leisurely ride to the airport tomorrow, lunch on the way and then a good look around the airport shops for Jo.

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The door incident


sunny 20 °C

We'd noticed the yale lock (other makes of lock are available) on our room door at the crown inn was a little stiff and difficult to close and it looked brand new. We'd taken to not bothering to close it completely if we were just going to be in and out. On this occasion we were having a quick wash and brush up and changing for dinner. Jo tried to close the door but the lock didn't retract far enough from the inside handle but seemed ok if you used the key in the lock on the outside. Force was needed and duly applied by Jo slamming the door shut. We washed and changed and set off to go to dinner except that the door wouldn't open. No matter how hard we tried we couldn't get the lock to budge. We were prisoners in our own room. I looked for another means of escape. Out of the very small first floor window onto a flat roof and leaping down 12 feet or so. Didn't fancy that, not with my knee and back etc. Ring reception from the room phone. There isn't one. Ok only one thing to do, ring the hotel main number on my mobile. We found the number in the room info file, have we got a mobile signal, jo hasn't, I have two bars. It's ringing. They've answered. "Hello this is the crown inn, lanlivery. Sorry we can't take your call right now. Please leave your name, number and the nature of your enquiry and we'll get back to you - peeeep!" The place serves good food, they're run off their feet down there. Try again. Ringing. Answering. "Hello this is..................." Answerphone again. What are we gonna do? One more try. Ringing. Answering. "Crown Inn, can I help you" Hello my names's Turner. We're staying with you in room 4. Pause. Silence. "oh right?" the voice sounded puzzled. The lock's broken on our room door and we can't get out. "Oh I see" still sounded puzzled "right someone will be there as soon as possible". We pushed our door key under the not inconsiderable gap under the door (12th century coaching inn, remember) and we were released from captivity to enjoy a well earned drink at the bar courtesy of our hosts for the inconvenience of our unfortunate and accidental imprisonment. The lock worked perfectly fine after that!

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......... And saddle sore

sunny 20 °C

After yet another hearty full cornish breakfast at the crown inn we set off in the car with the bikes and parked up at the burrough pub near bodmin and more importantly the camel trail. Unloaded our bikes and off we set along the trail towards wadebridge. It was chilly at first as we were almost in complete shade along this dappled disused railway line running alongside the river. We soon warmed up although the cycling wasn't arduous as the track is pretty level. We were dawdling along enjoying the scenery and the miles just tripped past. Before we knew it we were in wadebridge. This is a major point for people to join the trail and there are several bike hire shops ready with everything from kids cycles to three wheelers and tandems. We continued along the trail beside the river towards padstow. This section was far less covered with trees and a lot sunnier. It was also more popular and as well as cyclists there were serious walkers and dog walkers. There are some great views along this stretch. Again the path was flat and we soon arrived at the cycle park outside Rick Steins and locked up our bikes for the short stroll into the centre of padstow. As we'd eaten in padstow the night before we chose to take the short ferry crossing to rock. £3 each return. The tide was out and low so we disembarked on the wide expanse of sandy beach and strolled along the seafront. 3 bar restaurants and that's rock. We chose rock road bar and grill with a first floor terrace with views of the beach and estuary. Jo ate a rare cornish beef salad with horse radish dressing and I selected chicken and bacon and swapped the honey mustard dressing for a sweet chlli mayo. Both were absolutely cooked to perfection and were delicious. Nourished, we set off for the wide expanse of sand. We walked a good way along the estuary and settled for a spot among the sand dunes - so picturesque. Jo nodded, I took photos. The return ferry ride was even shorter than the first as the tide was now too low for the ferry to get back to padstow harbour and it again dropped us on the beach just ouside. We strolled up and down this side of the estuary taking in the views on the opposite side and returned to padstow for a well earned cream tea. The ride back seemed a little longer and we calculated the day's cycling had covered about 22 miles.

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How much?

Incident at Tesco's

sunny 18 °C

Needed to top with fuel, found a Tesco near St Austell. Played the usual game of seeing if you can stop the pump dead on the amount you want to pay, in this case £50. I was too previous but stopped it dead on 50 at the 3rd attempt. Went inside to pay. That'll be £67:95 please. How come? I thought I stopped it dead on 50.00. No, it's definitely £67:95. I was at pump number 3! Have you got the right pump? Yes, pump number 3, £67:95 for exactly 50 litres of fuel! I paid, collected my tesco clubcard points and walked back to the car glad that I was on holiday, unknown and unlikely to be returning to this garage ever again!

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How much can you do in a day?

answer - lots!

sunny 18 °C

Day two in cornwall. Superb full cornish breakfast at the crown inn, plus tea, plus toast, plus cereal - and that was just Jo's! I'm going to take you to Eden and back, said I. The biomes are very impressive, 50 foot high you know. The rainforest biome was just like being back in Singapore, my shirt stuck to me with the heat and humidity. The mediterranean biome was just like being on a greek island or spain. Exit via the shop, following purchases of course. Off to the coast, Jo fancies walking along the south west coastal path. On our way to point isaac we spot a public footpath sign 3/4 mile to the beach. We park in a field, got my shogun wheels mucky! Set off up this path which took us to a field. Only one gate in the field so we went through it, into another field. Walked around the perimeter of that field for an hour, no way out, no path, no signs for a path so returned to the car and set off to find the beach by road. Great beach at Polzeath, heaving with people, kids and surfers in a weird eclectic mix of clothing, bikinis and shorts, wetsuits, jeans and jumpers and even the odd fleece. It was like the sun's shining but we don't trust it! We found our coastal path and the views up and down the coast were spectacular. Next stop padstow on the other side of the estuary. What a great little harbour surrounded by shops and restaurants including "pucelli's". A first floor Italian with sliding window doors opened wide and overlooking the harbour and good food to boot! We wandered around the harbour then set off to watch the fading embers of a glorious sunset at a small secluded bay along the coast towards newquay. Amazing colours, great photos.20120721_115507.jpg

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