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your mercedes sir

Caught the bus into aghios nikolaos. Had a little look round. Nice place. We went to hire a car. Got that sorted with a lovely young greek girl whose parents were Australian. Strange accent. Said we'd pick it up later. Saw the ferry boat to spinalonga island. Debated whether to get on but jo said there'd be others they're quite regular. It only takes 30 minutes to get there. Had a drink on the waterfront. Strolled some more towards the spinalonga boat which was just pulling up the gang plank. The lady in the kiosk called to us."spinalong island?". Go on then. Gang plank back down just for us. Off we set. When on board. They announced they would point out points of interest, then stop in a bay for 30 minutes for swimming and snorkeling, lunch and drinks were available, then there'd be an hour's guided tour of the Island and we'd get back about five o'clock. Jo and her it'll only take 30 minutes! On the island Jo learned all about lepers and i nearly filled a whole memory card with photos. Got back and went to pick car up. Ah yes Mr Turner your mercedes is ready. Only joking he said. He'd seen we were stopping at daios cove. Anyway the Peugeot 107 automatic in pillar box red was perfectly fine! Made a point of parking it between a porsche cayenne and an audi Q7 when we got to daios cove.

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Ah Mythos my old friend

It's been too long


Afternoon on the beach. Until my old friend Mythos beckoned us over to the bar. It was good to catch up I had missed him. He was just how I remembered him. Back to the room afterwards to find a naked woman enoying her (not so) private pool next door but one. Either that or she had a stripe down the back of her fleshed coloured bikini bottoms! Relaxed some more and changed for dinner. Fantastic food. Especially the exquisite miniature desserts. I had five. The best one contained Gran Marnier.Washed them down with raiki. Jo didn't like the taste but enjoyed the nice warming feeling. It's a slippery slope love.

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Daios Cove, Crete - Totally recommended

sunny 26 °C

We obviously slept soundly aided by the complete and utter silence. Awoke and flung back the curtains and threw open the sliding doors which occupied the whole wall at the end of our room. Oops! The gardener and Jo briefly studied each other. He fully clothed from head to foot wearing a hat - Jo not. But wow what a day and what a view! Our room and patio area looked out over our infinity pool across the private beach, the cove and the sea, glorious! This'll do.   Breakfast was taken outside at the restaurant from a buffet of anything you could possibly want to eat. Isn't it funny how your breakfast eating habits change when you're staying in a hotel. Completely satisfied we explored the resort with its various restaurants, bars, spa facilities, private beach and caught the fenicular elevator back to the main lobby. We donned our swimwear ( not public enough for my mankini) and relaxed by the patio and pool at our room to think about our work colleagues back home and how much they might appreciate a photo.20130615_094202.jpg

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In the dead of night

sunny 26 °C

So we arrived at something stupid o'clock in the morning, collected our bags and exited the arrivals hall, as instructed, to look for a man with a sign saying OTS or MTS. No sign of a man with a sign. We waited. We wandered about a bit. Re-read the instructions. Waited some more. We called a number that "in the unlikely event there is no one to greet you" you should call. I think I got some Greek chap out of bed. He asked which airport and then gave me another number. I called that number. He said which airport? Where at Heraklion? When I informed him I was just outside arrivals he said go across the road to kiosk 21 "Hellas" not OTS or MTS! I looked and there was a man on a mobile phone looking at me. He crossed to meet us and another man appeared from a bench just behind us to introduce himself as our taxi driver. He'd been sat there all the time, signless! Yep, we're in Greece alright.   After an hours drive where our Greek taxi man seemed unsure which side of the road was best to drive on, we finally arrived in reception, checked in and we and our luggage were driven by golf cart to our room. Nice room! Unable to eat the beautifully prepared and complimentary Greek Salad, Tuna & Pasta and various Greek Pastries they had prepared because they knew we were delayed, we crashed

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Manchester airport

We were going to stop for lunch on way to the airport but we were a little later than expected so a last minute decision was made to go straight to the airport and eat there. Easyjet no longer have big queues for check-in desks, now they have massive queues for bag drop. Everybody has already checked in online and printed out their own boarding passes, now we all queue to have a sticker put on our bags before we go through passport control. You even scan your own boarding pass to go through to security now. Change and phone taken out of my pockets and thrown in the bottom of my bag and placed in a plastic tray along with my belt, I went through the automated glass cubicle, self service, do it yourself security scanning with one hand holding my trousers up (these linen pants were tight when I bought them) I was praying the uniformed officer on the other side didn't ask me to hold out both my arms whilst he frisked me, loose linen pants crumpled around my ankles and all. I heard no alarms, peeps or flashing lights so rushed to where my plastic tray containing my belt was waiting patiently.   Once through we checked the board, two and a half hour delay. We'd already got there over 3 hours before flight time because of the lunch arrangement changes! Oh well, Jo said cheerily, let's shop! I trudged along behind not really showing any interest at all until the man behind the malt whiskey counter said, "would sir like to try some?" Sir would indeed! You know, sometimes shopping's not so bad. A few samples later, with a sort of inner warmth and glow, I found myself handing over my credit card and boarding pass quite readily and often.   Time to eat. Only one waiter service restaurant in terminal 1, "Giraffe". Settled for a sharing platter of bruschetta bites and Jo had Croque Giraffe and I had pasta margherita. All 3 dishes laced with garlic, I hope I'm not siiting next to me on the plane! Paid the bill and then heard an announcement about free vouchers for those on delayed flight to Crete. We've just paid the bill!! Talk about bad timing. I queued for our vouchers. I got to be 2nd in queue and then........ they ran out of vouchers. I waited....and waited.... and waited.....and left. Jo would take a turn. She was now at the back of the queue and there was still no sign of vouchers. Jo asked about the vouchers and then decided it wasn't worth queuing and waiting for £3 to spend on non-alcaholic beverages. She left. We shopped some more. Our priority this time was for extra strong mints to try and override the garlic. An inner warmth and glow for the second time today courtesy of the garlic and mints. It was then we noticed that our flight had been delayed yet another hour. So having got to the airport at something around three and a half hours before our intended flight time, we now found our flight delayed three and a half hours. We'll only have been here seven hours.

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