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Cricket in Crete?

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I don't really like using my travel blog for these sorts of reasons but as you are probably aware there are some very important cricket matches taking place at the moment. Sporting superstar gladiators skilled with the bat and experts in the art of turning and swinging the leather ball. Greece, funnily enough, isn't awfully big on cricket and I've travelled from taverna to taverna to try and obtain news of theses titanic battles for cricket supremacy. So if anyone out there in the webosphere could please let me know, I'm desperate to find out who won between Warton PTA and Eskdale last Sunday

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Incident at breakfast

Cake! For breakfast?

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BREAKFAST WEDNESDAY? I like breakfast, loads to choose from, all my favourites oh and one of those slow moving toasting machines. You know the ones, a conveyor belt with bread on under a heating element. Got it sussed you see, put your toast in then toddle off and get your fruit juice, cereal, fruit or whatever. By the time you've taken those to your table your bread has been successfully toasted and is waiting for you in the collection tray. Except on this occasion all it deposited was warm bread. Hmmm! Oh well put it in again perhaps the other way up this time. No problem I'll do a second circuit of the extensive buffet and maybe pick up some scrambled eggs etc. Returned to the toaster yet again to find slightly warmer bread than last time. What's going on? Ah I spy a darkness control. Let's ramp that up a bit and put the warmer bread under again. Oh well a 3rd circuit and it's either funny looking cold sausages, meat and cheese or cake. With Jo shaking her head at me for bringing cake to the breakfast table, I made my way back towards the toasting conveyor. Suddenly uniformed resort staff were dashing past me, not quite in a state of panic but hurrying in a concerned manner. I could smell it first, then I could see this acrid, grey smoke snaking it's way around the breakfast buffet area. People were coughing and heading in the opposite direction. As I went towards the toaster I saw several members of staff surrounding the toaster and one of them had the charred remains of two pieces of bread clasped between tongs held out in front of her with smoke coming off them. I changed direction and selected another piece of cake and went back to our table. "Where's your toast?" enquired Jo. "You should've got some it smells really good!" "I decided against it love, got more cake instead

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Mountain folk

In the Dikti Mountails

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A day spent in the mountains with spectacular scenery along some very interesting roads. We drove to Lassithi Plateau a lush, fertile flat oasis at altitude right in the middle of and surrounded by some pretty impressive peaks. The temperature was markedly cooler by a few degrees. Eeee bur it were a reet grand ride back down mind ye!   Unfortunately, when we got back, dinner was a little frustrating down to poor French parenting I'm afraid. Les hommes were nowhere to be seen of course. So whilst les infants terribles Francaises ran amok in the restaurant, les femmes sat back picking at a lettuce leaf each but in an oh so je ne sais quoi elegant and poised kind of way. Marchez you brats Marchez! Jo, Rose, Mythos and I retired to the ocean bar at the earliest opportunity

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Full moon at Daios Cove

The likes of which will not be seen again

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Late night last night and eventually woke up this morning feeling just as full as last night. Not sure if we skipped breakfast cos we were late up or cos we were still stuffed. Anyway a walk first then our beach for a swim. I strut my stuff in my red swim shorts from our beds at the back of the beach along the wooden walk ways, not unlike model catwalks, cut a swathe through all the onlookers, tried not to wince or flinch when I entered the arctic sea water. I kept going, none of that splashing and rubbing ones arms to get used to it, keep straight on. I was certain all eyes were on me. Now for my impressive dolphin like leap and forward dive from a standing start, it always impresses, I think. I took a deep breath, flexed my knees, sprung, leapt arms pointed head tucked in, take notes tom daley. Absolutely perfectly executed that is except that the force of the upward thrust was too much for the waistband of my swimshorts to withstand. My torso exited the water on the upward thrust, alas my shorts didn't quite keep up. It was so graceful as my almost completely bare bottom appeared, arced and re-entered the sea followed closely, but not closely enough, by my shorts which were now concentrating themselves around my upper thighs at best. Once completely re-entered and submerged I was able to re-adjust my defective swim attire and coincidently see if I could break the world record for holding ones breath underwater. A very short moment later, the current champion breath holder's record still intact, I surfaced and swam as nonchalantly as I could. I was certain no one had been watching

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Happy Birthday

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Monday 17th June 2013. It's Jo's special birthday. Not that every birthday isn't special when you get to Jo's age! Cards and prezzie time. Unfortunately some numpty concealed a card from his daughter in his holiday rucksack. Then his daughter gave him a new holiday rucksack for an early father's day present to take away with him. With the result that the said card from said daughter is still in the old rucksack. Ooops! Breakfast done we loaded up the107 - that means we put one bag in it, and set off exploring. Great countryside, fantastic views, some great secluded beaches, coves and fishing villages. Superb tzatziki lunch under an olive tree at a small taverna perched atop a huge hill overlooking olive groves to the coast and sea beyond. A stop at a lovely sandy little beach for a dip on the way back and returned to the resort to find a complimentary birthday cake waiting for us. Yummy. A dip in our pool, freshen up and then dinner at the daios taverna tonight. More tzatziki, pitta, olives, souvlaki and lamb. All followed by yet another surprise birthday cake courtesy of the resort. Why Mr Greek ambassador, you spoil us! Completely satisfied (stuffed) we were drawn by a trio of salsa sirens at the ocean bar (bar near the infinity pool). Enchanted we listened and tapped to: perhaps, perhaps, perhaps; one tanamera (spelling) cuando, cuando, cuando etc. I was reminded of a recent stag do when sykesie approached the lone young guitar player and asked 'do you know any queen?' When the young man said he didn't sykesie anyway launched into: "anybody find me....... somebody to love" All in all not a bad birthday - score 2 for surprise birthday cakes.20130617_160553.jpg20130617_201556.jpg

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